Your company collateral is essential for getting your marketing message
across.  At Jakiti, we create artwork to cover your business requirements and printable on most surfaces, including metal and pvc. All artwork is created in-house and  customised to your business needs and your vision.

If you need a hand with your content, we have talented copywriters who will assist you to get the right message across [Ed - can't wait for them to tackle this site!].


Brief: This flyer was created to advertise the latest fuel tax credits.

Beachclub Melbourne

Brief: To create a feedback card for the Beach Club Melbourne, Docklands Victoria

City Chicks

Brief: To create collateral for the city chicks business. This includes chick hatching service brochure.

Geronimo Grain Systems

Brief: To create visually appealing ads to appear in the Land publication.

My City Garden

Brief: To create the company collateral for my city garden. This included vegie box stickers, envelopes, product stickers and business cards


Brief: To create a flyer that appealed to teenagers and their parents. Mike, the founder of NorthPsych is an amazing clinical pyschologist whose favourite colour is red...Canadian flag red and it was important that this colour is is used extensively in all his artwork.