Business Cards

You business card is an essential part of your business. 

At Jakiti, we create beautiful business cards that stand out in the stack. 
We have a fabulous printer who ensures that our creations look great
and feel amazing!

Affinity PR

Brief: To create a professional yet feminine business card. Michelle was really keen to explore the bright colours and we feel we've come up with a really eye catching design.

Barefoot Babies

Brief: To create a whimsical business card. For the most part, these cards will be located on a market stall tables and needed to stand out and entice people to their website.

My City Garden

Brief: We've put two versions of the my city garden business card in here - as with our City Chicks spec, we were to create fun business cards that featured the wonderful logo characters

New Design Joinery

Brief: To create a sleek business card


Brief: To create a series of brightly coloured business cards for the NorthPsych Psychologists - using their favourite colour to represent them.


Brief: Dawn wanted a professional business card that represented her love of colour

Phoenix Legal Consulting

Brief: To create professional "lawyer looking" business cards